Head Shoots

Many don’t know that I also do Corporate Head Shoots when working here in Dubai as a photographer. I actually really like these kinds of shoots as it is studio work either on location or at my place and there is good time to set the lights. As well as talking to the person I am photographing and to hear what they are doing and what they need the photo for.

As you might know, a corporate head shot is usually a photo of just the head or from the shoulders and up and most often on a white or gray background. 

This differes from a environmental portrait where you get to see some of the persons environment which could be in a kitchen for a chef and in his uniform or in his office for an accountant. Below I have included some examples of both these kinds of portraits.

One of the questions I get before a portrait session from my clients in Dubai is: What should I wear? To this I always answer; what you would normally wear and what makes you comfortable. But of course there are some do’s and don’ts:


- Wear something that you feel comfortable in

- Consider what the photo is used for and where and make sure it is appropriate

- Wear something that fits you and is your size

- Make sure it is ironed


- Wear something that is created and too big (on more than one occasion I have had to iron a shirt or lend from husbands closet - which I happily do of course :-)

- Wear strong colours like orange or bright green - it takes the focus away from you

Often people are not sure how to pose - and how would you know? For this I have a guide of some headshots and poses and we discuss these before we start and some work better for others, which we only learn once we start to shoot. So we focus on what make the person feel comfortable and what seems natural - often I help posing by doing the same behind the camera and they only have to mimic me - and yes I can do both typically make and female poses as an illustration!

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